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Sheila has more than 20 years experience in pediatric occupational therapy settings. Her interests began during her graduate studies at Boston University, where she worked at the Harvard University Summer Camp for Autistic Children, and in the Perceptual Research Lab for Infants. Her post-graduate training led her to Los Angeles, where she trained with the OT pioneer Jean Ayres, who first coined the term “sensory integration disorder.”


Since then, she has followed the contemporary explosion of neuroscience research, becoming immersed in innovative approaches to the treatment of sensory processing and modulation disorders. She is licensed and board-certified through the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and is certified in a wide range of techniques, including the system of intensive SPD treatment developed by Dr. Lucy Miller, a worldwide leader in SPD research, education, and advocacy. She is also certified in the DIRFloortime treatment model.


Sheila is currently a consultant to the Ann Martin Center in Emeryville, CA, which specializes in psychotherapy and education for children and their families. She developed and implemented a self-regulation program for the Center's First Five school program.


Her work in San Jose and Redwood City public schools has added to her training and experience as an advocate in the IEP process, and her development of pre-kindergarten autism programs complements her private-practice work in her home-based clinic in Lafayette, CA.


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